Convert your Ender 3 into the ultimate printing machine.
Ender IDEX Printer by SEN 3D in Duplicate Mode

Supercharged Productivity

Double Your Output

Print duplicate models at the same time, side by side. The kit adds just 6cm width to your printer, so more output in less space.

Mirror Mode

Print matching models (e.g. left and right versions) at the same time, as the 2 heads mirror each other perfectly. 2 symmetrical models produced in the time it it takes to print one.

50% Faster

Split larger symmetrical models in half and print both halves at the same time (in mirror mode). Reducing print time by up to 50%.

Ender IDEX Printer by SEN 3D in Duplicate Mode

A growing community of users worldwide

Limitless Creativity

2 Colours

Print multi colour models faster, cleaner and with less waste (no purge block required)

2 Materials

Take your creations to the next level. Print in PLA & PETG, PETG & ABS, PVA & PLA…the combinations are endless.

2 Temperatures

Tune each hotend to the ideal temperature for that material and brand without affecting the other.

Ender IDEX Printer by SEN 3D in 2 colour mode
Ender IDEX Print Carriages by SEN 3D

Hyper Functional

Instant nozzle change

Install a different nozzle size on your second hotend (e.g. 0.2mm or 1mm) and choose a nozzle size by selecting an extruder in your slicer.

Dynamic nozzle printing

With 2 different nozzle sizes you can print your shell with a 0.2mm and infill with a 0.4mm, or print the shell with a 0.4mm and infill with a 1mm nozzle. The ultimate balance of detail and speed.

Instant filament change

Feed your two favourite filaments into the hotends and print with either by just selecting the an extruder. This includes switching between PLA and PETG or ABS.

Much much more:

Whether it’s different temperatures, flow rates, retraction settings, cooling or more. Independent hotends enable you to change the settings for each at the same time on the same print.

Ender IDEX Print Carriages by SEN 3D

Frequently Asked Questions

In short, yes!

You can install the BL Touch to hotend 1 like normal and probe the bed before an IDEX print. The main difference is that you will have 2 Z-offset values, one for each hotend.

The kit documentation area for owners also includes pre-compiled firmware for a BL Touch setup as well as a guide on installation.

However, in duplicate or mirror mode prints you will still need a manually levelled bed. This is because 2 hotends touch the bed at 2 points at the same time and the Z-axis is unable to compensate. This is true of any IDEX machine.

The Ender IDEX may also be compatible with other ABL sensors but this will depend on the exact sensor and hot it is connected to the motherboard.

Yes, any filament that could be printed with a stock Ender 3 can be printed with the Ender IDEX.

PVA filament is quite different from PLA or PETG and so may require some tuning and tweaking to work as you desire but provided it can be printed at 240°C or less, then it is possible.

As it is also an expensive filament you can also choose to only print the “interface” layers in PVA and the rest of the support in cheaper hotend 1 material.

It is also possible to mix other materials. For example PLA and PETG do not stick together very well. So a PETG model with PLA support can be printed much closer together, can be removed easier and will leave a much nicer finish without the complication or cost of dissolvable PVA.

Yes, however you will need to purchase the Ender 3 V2 version of the kit available here in the alternative kits section: https://3d.plus/buy/ender-idex/#IDEX-alternative-kits

The main differences are:

1. Includes a TFT35 E3 screen as the Ender 3 V2 screen is not compatible.

2. An X-axis belt tensioner as the V2 version is too big.

This will depend a lot on your specific model of CR-10

The CR-10 V2 is the best model to convert. It is 24V, includes a standard LCD and standard cabling.

Some older models of CR-10 run on 12V. You would either need to upgrade the printer and existing hotend, fans etc. to 24V or build a custom IDEX setup with 12V components.

New models like the CR-10 Pro V2 come with a non standard screen and custom ribbon cables. In this case you will likely need to replace more cables than standard and also the screen for one compatible with a standard Marlin setup.

Reach out if you have more questions and if you’d like to buy the CR-10 version of the kit you can find it here: https://3d.plus/buy/ender-idex/#IDEX-alternative-kits

Cutting-Edge Innovation

Equal Print Volume

Despite adding a second X-axis there is no loss of print volume for extruder 1.

Custom components

The kit includes more than 7 unique parts designed and printed specifically for this kit. All printed in PETG and ABS for optimal performance.

Plug and Play install

No soldering, coding or specialist tools. You won’t find an easier kit that delivers so much.

Easy dual head levelling

Our custom second hotend can be levelled by simply turning a single screw.

Pre-baked Firmware

We have done the heavy lifting, Marlin 2.0 is configured and loaded, so no coding required at all.

Ender IDEX Dual X-Carriage Kit Parts

Supercharge your 3D Printing

32-Bit BTT Octopus V1.1


One of the most powerful 3D printer boards available. You will never have to worry about processing power.


With so many expansion ports and pins it’s easy to add a touch screen, wifi, BL touch, filament runout sensor, second z motor and more.

Custom stepper drivers:

Easily swap out the provided stepper drivers of any of your choice.

Marlin 2.0

More features:

Unlock all of Marlin 2.0’s features. No more space and processing power limitations. The limit now is your imagination.

Easy to update:

A single files on your SD card is all it takes to update the firmware. Plus you can download the pre-compiled updates from us.

Easy & Helpful

Expert support:

No matter how big or small the problem we’re here to help. The same person that designed and built the kit will help you solve any problems.

Easy Install

We pre-assemble everything we can before you get the kit. Including the hotend, motherboard, wiring and extruder

Video Guide & Documentation

We have an exhaustive video guide which takes you through each step of the installation. This is accompanied by extensive documentation, downloads and advice.


You can download all of our preconfigured firmware files, slicer profiles, calibration gcode and more.

Support a Creator

Kane Powley Founder of SEN 3D & Creator of Ender IDEX kit

SEN 3D is a small business started by me, Kane (and it’s just me so far). I’m based in the UK and a huge 3D printing enthusiast, just like you.

The Ender IDEX kit is my first product and I’ve spent many months working tirelessly to make it the best it can be. After 100’s of iterations and prototypes, as well as many 100s of hours of testing I’m confident you’re going to love what the Ender IDEX can do.

By buying from me you’re supporting my work as well as helping me develop more exciting kits and products (I have lots of ideas in the pipeline).

Plus, I can guarantee you will get a customer service second to none. Where else can you buy a product and get 1-to-1 help from the person that created it.

I’d really love to hear what you think, what you like and what can be made better. My goal is to make 3D printing bigger and better for as many people as possible.

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